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Outlook for the TAG Taxonomy

Since 2016, the TAG Cyber Taxonomy been used to guide the cyber security platform and service selection in business and government. The new TAG Cyber Taxonomy has been recently updated in 2021 to help cyber professionals organize and manage their work.

Interviews with Industry Experts

Our interviews with experts and practitioners in the cybersecurity industry are intended to provide deeper understanding of the key concepts, technologies, and methods required to properly manage cyber risk. Each interview is full-length, allowing guests to dive deeply into their area of expertise.

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Each Quarterly includes select pieces from our industry analysts, including original reports, surveys, guides, interviews, and insights - all in the context of modern enterprise cybersecurity. Learn from our unbiased and expert research and advisory.

Analyst Reports

Our Quarterlies include special technical reports generated during the year, based on interactions with enterprise security teams and commercial vendors from around the world. We analyze cybersecurity platforms, tools, and architectures to provide insights to our readers and customers.

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July 26th, 2023: Quarter 3 Report Released!