Charlie CISO

Follow the (mis)adventures of Charlie CISO in our popular cartoon illustrated by MAD Magazine legend Rich Powell.

163: Cyber Startup Unicorn

This new Charlie CISO cartoon was inspired by our wonderful TAG Cyber LLC senior analyst Christopher Wilder. Hope all the startup unicorns enjoy.

163: Cyber Startup Unicorn, 08/30/2022

162: Welcome to BlackHat 2022, 08/04/2022

156: Showing Responsibility, 04/08/2022

155: The Future of Caller ID , 04/01/2022

154: Nightmares Getting Worse, 03/26/2022

153: Concern About Cyber Warfare, 01/22/2022

152: Log4j Response Plan, 12/16/2021

151: Privacy In A Box, 11/30/2021

150: Fed Gov Cyber Fiction, 09/16/2021

149: How Low Can Your Zero Trust Go, 09/01/2021

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Dr. Edward Amoroso has teamed with Rich Powell, famed Mad Magazine illustrator to create the Charlie Ciso cartoon strip – enjoyed each week by cyber security professionals around the world.

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