Research as a Service (RaaS)

TAG Research as a Service (RaaS) provides enterprise practitioners with on-line access to resources through our 24/7 subscription portal and analyst services.

Research Portal Services

Analyst Support

Contact our team of expert industry analysts for real-time assistance with your day-to-day cybersecurity challenges.

Resource Centers

Major categories of cybersecurity are covered with key findings, trends, recommendations, and mappings to commercial vendors.

Vendor Database

The TAG Data Research (TDR) team curates, updates, and researches current information on over 3600 commercial cybersecurity vendors.

Research On-Demand

Gain actionable insight from our hundreds of technical reports, trending charts, and advisory articles to reduce your enterprise cybersecurity risk.

What Problem Does RaaS Solve?

Cybersecurity teams struggle with the number of vendors offering solutions to protect enterprise. Vendors also have trouble reaching buyers with their messaging. The TAG Cyber Research as a Service (RaaS) offering was designed for both challenges. We provide actionable guidance to practitioners and up-to-date information on vendors, including value propositions, product data, strengths, and even weaknesses.

Bridge the Gap

Between Vendors and Practitioners

Make Meaningful Changes

With Actionable Guidance

Stay Up to Date

With 24/7 Analyst Support

Who Benefits from RaaS?

Enterprise security teams benefit directly from the TAG Cyber Research as a Service (RaaS) offering. Our unbiased findings, recommendations, and vendor mappings save time, effort, and money. Commercial vendors also benefit from the up-to-date guidance offered to customers via the RaaS portal. Finally, investors utilize the RaaS solution to guide their selection and review processes.


Understand Your Security Needs


Have Your Message Heard


Get an Inside Look

Research and Content Services. Get started with the TAG Cyber Portal.

July 26th, 2023: Quarter 3 Report Released!